Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Update November 29, 2016

It's hard to believe it's only been one week since we left our house in Flintstone, GA.  We have travelled and done so much since then.  It was nice to arrive at Aimee's parents before Thanksgiving and say goodbye to some family up there before our overnight flight to Germany. We arrived without sleep early yesterday morning and hit the ground running.  It will take a while to adjust to our new tight schedule as we're still getting over jet lag.  Aimee is resting right now as I write this.  They have done a lot for her already and haven't wasted any time.  We had an orientation yesterday and had a lengthy meeting with the doctors which went really well.  I really appreciated their thoroughness and the main Dr. asked a lot of really good questions.  Our meeting was towards the end of the day and he had been running around working hard, as doctors do, managing many cancer patients.  I'm sure he sees so much heartache, anxiety, stress, confusion, etc.  By the end of our meeting he said he was encouraged and that Aimee brightened his day.  He said she would be a light in this place and I think he was excited to see how she will succeed with this treatment.  It was a good feeling and this morning we woke up and got started.  Aimee had blood work done and then after a little breakfast they started treatments. Some of what they did made her tired and headachy but it is all part of it and in the end she will be stronger.  
        We managed to squeeze in a walk this afternoon which was such a privilege.  We are right across the street to a park with winding paths near the little Tauber river.  It was beautiful, we saw new birds we'd never seen before and from the little nature sanctuary the path led right into town with beautiful old German buildings. (Looking at the craftsmanship and stonework,I couldn't help thinking about the old stone and timber barns built by the early German settlers in Pennsylvania where we just were and said goodbye to our kids).  We stopped at an Aldi along our way back and I got some instant coffee for myself as they only have herbal teas here, not to complain though, I love it, probably should quit anyway. Everything is on a strict timetable here and after a walk we got back in time for another therapy session for her, followed by dinner where we sit together at tables with other patients from all over... German, English, American.  We sat at a table with a couple from Michigan and a man named Emilios from Cyprus.  It has been cool to see Aimee practice some of her Greek with him.  (We really need to learn some German though!)  
          It has been so great to be here but it's also hard.  We are surrounded by people grasping for everything to get well and many here are in pain.  It's such a difficult place yet such a beautiful place.  I keep thinking of the message we heard right before we flew out here.  It dealt with being born again into the Spirit and how it is the source of hope in us.  It encouraged me and was another confirmation that His love is here with us.  I have such high hopes for my wife and I thank God that through the support of so many, it was made possible to be here.  As Aimee celebrates her birthday tomorrow, I thank God for the joy and light that she is and for how He has given her the strength to live each day with such determination.  Even as we accept these fragile bodies and minds that we walk around in, we thank God that His Spirit inside is always longing to bring new life, taking what's broken and making it new.  This is a season of celebration.  From celebrating Thanksgiving and all that we have been given, to birthdays and now this advent season, one Man's life changed it all... and as the magi noticed the star, we too look, and are finding the signs of His presence now with us.  
          Thank you for praying and please continue to pray for Aimee to respond well to this treatment, (the first couple weeks are supposed to be hard) pray for endurance, and pray for our hearts that really miss our kids.  Pray that our kids will be strong and that they won't test their Oma and Opa's endurance too hard! 
Love and good tidings here from Germany,


  1. beautiful, Scott, and so encouraging. Please give my birthday love to Aimee.

  2. Scott, your words have encoraged me today in my own walk. God bless you both and your children,too. Prayers for peace and strength.

  3. It's wonderful to hear that this trip has already brought positive experiences! I pray that not only do the treatments bring hope, healing, health, and strength for Aimee, but that God uses you both to be a shining light for Him to all those around you, patients and doctors alike. Praying for both of you as you travel this road together. May God use all of it to strengthen you both, physically and spiritually, bringing you closer to each other and to Him. Praying and praising!


    P.S. Happy belated birthday, Aimee!

  4. Thank you so much, Scott! It's a blessing to all of us who know Aimee, even briefly, for her to have this season of treatment that may destroy this cancer. We pray for you and she to have many special times together, too, away from every other responsibility. I am a new friend, from the women's Bible study at North Shore Fellowship. We are privileged to stand with you all in prayer. His grace truly is amazing.

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