Saturday, December 17, 2016

Update December 17, 2016

Its been three weeks since I started treatment here in Germany and I wanted to send a quick update on how things are going and ways you can be praying for Scott and I while we continue for three more weeks.

Treatments are going very well and I have been pleased and thankful for my Doctor and the nursing staff here at the clinic. I feel extremely blessed and really sense that this is a place of healing. My treatments are gentle yet extremely effective. The focus here is on the whole body, including the emotions. While my body is being boosted with vitamins and minerals, the cancer is being destabilized through hypothermia treatments coupled with cancer fighting IV infusions. I have counseling sessions once a week, meditation, art therapy (I love love this part ) and time to explore the local area. The food here at the clinic is weird. Sometimes its really good, other times its just funky. We laugh about it and try to give thanks for everything that comes are way.  

There are people here from all over the world and at different stages of disease. I have loved to get to know each person and their story. There is a lot of struggle going on, pain, and fear but I am also seeing a real sense of hope and joy here too. There was one young man here for a few weeks that had such a laugh it was contagious! You bond with the other patients and even if you can't speak their language there is always a smile and Guten Tag on their lips. Scott was even able to share the gospel, the hope for which he lives, with two of the patients here. It was so beautiful. 

The days here are dark, cold and sometimes wet. In fact we haven't seen the sun in over a week. That gets old really fast but the way the Germans combat the gloom is by having Christmas Markets. Lights and music fill the squares... hot wine, sausages, booths filled with crafts... it really helps lift the spirit. 

At times I find myself slipping into a bit of despair because I want to see instant progress, and I want to know what will happen to me... I find when I get down I repeat the truths I know to be true about my Savior. He has brought me to this place and I want to trust him even though I don't see the end results. I have started praying more boldly, like David.... "Oh God you brought me to this place, don't abandon me, show up in your power and glorify yourself through this mess I'm in. You can do this Glorify yourself..." this is my mantra. Can we address the God of all Creation in such a way? I believe we can and he calls us to be bold in our prayers. 

Would you join me in this boldness? Pray with me and rejoice with me in what God has done and what he will continue to do. 

Pray that my treatments would continue to work and be extremely effective. I have not noticed any significant tumor shrinkage so please pray that my tumors would start to break apart and be absorbed by my body, just like in my breast. 

Pray that I would be able to continue to deal with and resolve the emotional issues I have 

Pray that Scott and I will have strength of heart and joy amid the daily treatment schedule especially when I go through whole body hypothermia it is extremely hard for me mentally. 

We miss are kids like crazy, and although they are doing well, please pray that the next three weeks would be joyful for all of us while we are apart for the holidays. 

Pray that Scott and I can continue to be a light here to people who need to hold on to a hope outside of their own striving and physical healing. 

Thank you all so much! I know its hard to fully understand what I'm going through here but know that your prayers are a powerful tool and sometimes I feel such joy that seems to come from no where. I know its your prayers and the spirit filling me during dark, long, days. 

Blessings to you all!


  1. Thank you for the update! It's great to hear all that's going on. Praying for you! I know those winter days, they are so hard and I can't even imagine how much harder it is for you when you go through all this. I'm glad you're able to go out and enjoy the Christmas markets. The smell of hot wine and cold air is one of my favorite parts of European Christmas. Praying for the rest of your time there. For God to give you peace and joy during this Christmas season and for the treatment to work!! ❤️

  2. Praying for you and your sweet family, Aimee! Thank you for keeping us informed about how things are going. Wishing you a truly joyful and special Christmas, even if it looks a whole lot different this year! Looking forward to having you back with us soon. - Allison Dowlen

  3. Praying for you. How hard to be missing Christmas with your kiddos! I know the Lord has something special for you and Scott and for your little ones in PA. I am so glad you all were not at the Christmas market in Berlin! Stay in your little town. Sending love and best wishes for a beautiful Christmas and good health news in the weeks ahead. Catherine Eldridge

  4. Praying without ceasing! May God use this time to heal you in body and bolster you in spirit. May His healing hands hold you and guide you. May you and Scott find peace, patience, wisdom, and understanding, especially in these trying times. Many prayers, and Merry Christmas!


  5. Praying with you boldly that our Good Good Father will NOT abandon you but bring healing and glory to himself through you and your family. Praying 2 Cor 4 as you interact with others. Vs 15-18 Do not lose heart! ❤
    You are not alone!

  6. We have been praying for you continually!