Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Prayer updates for the Rileys

Hello friends, 
Here is the update my brother wrote on September 29, 2015 on Aimee and how we can pray for them:

Aimee and I met with the oncologist today and the picture is becoming more clear as to the seriousness of this cancer.  Right now the tumor is about 5 cm which puts us at stage 2 close to stage 3.  It is luminous B which I think has something to do with the hormones driving this cancer.  The aggressiveness and rate of growth is high Ki-67 75% which makes it seem likely that it could spread to other organs if not already.  We have felt God's hand leading us through all this which has really been a comfort and we are very impressed with the doctors at Erlanger.  The radiologist we met with yesterday was very helpful and thorough. She is the only radiologist in the area who does radiation therapy for breast cancer with the patient face down so that the radiation is targeted as close as possible without hitting more of the body than necessary like the heart for example.  The oncologist today was very cerebral at explaining everything to us even down to the biology of the cells beginning growth in the mother's womb.  He spent a lot of time educating and answering questions.  The doctors basically inform us so we can make a decision.  In trying to wrap my mind around how serious this is, I asked him what he would do if Aimee were his daughter and he said I would have her come in tomorrow and start chemotherapy.   

We made some connections, a woman from our church was treated by him for breast cancer and another woman from our little church works as a nurse under him.  He asked if he could pray with us before we left and as he did we felt God's presence with us, leading us.  As it looks right now, Aimee will be starting chemotherapy to try and shrink the tumor and kill off as much cancer as possible.  It would last 6 months and then surgery.  After that radiation therapy and then hormone regulating pills.  Of course there are many side effects from all this and we cherish your prayers during this time of adapting and especially for our children as life at home will be much different.  We never expected to face something like this, but God's will takes us places we would least expect sometimes and then He reveals Himself in amazing ways.  Of course there are moments we feel overwhelmed and fearful but we keep holding onto the promises of our Father.  We feel that we are right where He wants us and we are seeking Him harder than ever before, knocking on the door like never before and He is giving love and light in this dark and vulnerable time. Thank you so much for all your prayers and please don't stop!  We feel them giving us strength as we continue making decisions.  We will try to keep you all updated as things progress.
much love,
Scott and Aimee

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