Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Prayer Update for the Rileys

Hello friends,
I wish that the subject of my email was not what it is. Our family received some very hard news on Tuesday, September 22nd.  My sister-in-law who is one of my best friends, Aimee Riley has asked me to update people on her behalf so that she can focus on her wellness and her family.  Aimee was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma which is the most common form of breast cancer.  It is an aggressive form of cancer and we are still all a bit stunned with the news.  Aimee and Scott spent most of the day at the hospital yesterday trying to absorb a barrage of information. Needless to say it is overwhelming at times.  They will need help in various ways but most importantly they desire your prayers.   

Here are some ways they ask you to pray:

* for healing, that even now God would shrink the tumor 

* for wisdom and clarity in the various options for treatment plans and for a wonderful team of doctors to guide them

* pray that the cancer has not spread

* her nerves have made it difficult for her to eat, so pray that her appetite would return

* that God would bless them with peaceful sleep, that trust would reign over fear

* that God would bless and strengthen Scott and Aimee as they face this struggle, that he would surround the children especially Sophia who is old enough to grasp more of the situation

One of Aimee's passions is holistic healing and nutrition. If you know Aimee well she is our go-to person for every ailment.  She shares freely of her knowledge and often will show up at your door with all manner of herbs and salves.  She embodies a helper.  As you can imagine she is on fire to throw everything she has at this thing and her resolve and trust in her Father is a beautiful thing to see.  No doubt it is a roller coaster of emotions.  Aimee has shared some ways the Lord has specifically spoken to her and reassured her in a moment of panic as she undressed for an X-ray, she was blessed by God's tender words for her.  Going through this with them has left me without words.  The Holy Spirit is so very present over Aimee and Scott and their home.  Now we are joining together to ask the One who is our Help and Healer to surround and restore Aimee to full health and strength.  God did not promise to take take away every affliction but He does promise to be with us in it.  Our burdens are not borne on our shoulders alone. 

In His mercy,

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