Friday, December 4, 2015

Prayer Request December 4, 2015

 We have recently been having some push back from our new health insurance provider in regards to my medications. Approval for my medications has yet to come through. Since I have to take Ibrance and Femara in combination they both must be approved but as of right now they are only approving Ibrance. Basically if they don't approve these meds my treatment cannot continue. Please pray that the Lord would work out all the details concerning my medications.

Thank You!  




  1. Praying that this will be resolved immediately. So sorry you have to struggle through the insurance side of this.

  2. I just said a prayer and am hoping since I am late to see this that it is already in the works!

  3. Continually keeping you in prayer! May God grant you all the tools you need to continue on your journey. I praise the Lord for the beautiful heart He has given you. Praying that He gives you the strength, peace, patience, comfort, and healing that you need, and that you may continue to be a bright light in the lives of others as you walk this path with Him! Praying without ceasing! Much love and hugs!

    Jenn Chase (nee Mumma)