Thursday, October 15, 2015

Update and prayer requests Oct 15, 20015

Well its been a bit of a waiting game for me the last couple of days, but also a sweet time to be with family and friends, and get a few much needed chores done around the house. Thank you all for your prayers and support during this time it has been a comfort and joy to me and my whole family!

The Dr. who performed my biopsy did an excellent job and was able to go in and get what he needed without causing any harm or damage to my lungs. We have been praying all along for a clear answer and we found out today that my lymph node is cancerous. The good news is that since we know for sure that it is cancer I don't have to go in for a more invasive surgery to remove the whole lymph node which would delay treatment, the cancer in my lymph node matches the cancer in my breast so it can be treated the same, and as far as they can tell it has not spread to my lung.

When I think about starting my treatments tomorrow I feel like I am starting out on a long dark journey down into the very mouth of hell. I get scared at times and I am fearful of the unknown, of what I will lose, what I might leave behind but this verse keeps coming to mind..."even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for Thou art with me." This picture created by my nephew Oak has always touched my heart but right now it seems to say even more.

~I start chemotherapy tomorrow morning around 9 am. Would you please pray that I would have peace and strength to go through this. Also pray that I would have no short term or long term negative affects from the drugs.

~Pray that the cocktail of chemo drugs they give me will be the RIGHT ones and that it would work quickly and effectively.

~Pray for my family as they adjust to this new normal.

~Pray for no sickness in my home, as I type this my little Peter has a cold, and I've been nervous about that especially with all I'm going to be going through. Pray HARD that I would be spared any complications with other illnesses during my entire treatment.

Lastly I wanted to just say thank you to ALL of you who have come along side of our family during this journey. Please don't underestimate the little things you are doing because when they add up they are a lot of beautiful ways that we feel loved. Each one of you has different gifts and abilities and Scott and I have been in awe of how each person has faithfully used those gifts to bless us and glorify the Lord. I can never repay anyone for this kindness and sacrifice but I pray that you would be richly blessed.




  1. Thank you for the update! We love you and pray for you and your family daily. Is 43:2

  2. You express your heart beautifully, honestly, earnestly. Thank you for that. I have peace knowing your peace with the Lord even though this journey is so hard, so frightening, so unknown. "Be still and know that I am God." Love you, Mom

  3. Glad to hear of the positive updates! Sending love to get you through the first chemo treatment tomorrow. xoxo

  4. Aimee, I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning. Praying specifically for the things you mentioned in your blog. Hugs, Love & Prayers ❤��

  5. Praying for you everyday Aimee, praying for wisdom for the doctors, healing and for Jesus to shine brightly through dark places. LOVE YOU!

  6. Aimee, I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning. Praying specifically for the things you mentioned in your blog. Hugs, Love & Prayers ❤��

  7. Praying for you Aimee <3 YOU ARE STRONG!